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lynda just purchased a 1800 TC Series 4 Piece Egyptian Comfort Sheet- $35 with Free Shipping for 35.00 and saved %!

0 mins ago

Robert just purchased a Gridiron Restaurant for 25.00 and saved %!

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We've worked out deals with some of your favorite Berks County businesses to give you awesome deals! Purchase gift certificates from the participating businesses for half off their products or services! That's right, 50% off your next purchase at your favorite Berks restaurants, stores, and events!

But you have to be fast we are only able to provide a certain amount of gift certificates per business.

Keep checking back for more half-off certificates from Rock Hits Y102 at wrfy.com and Cool Oldies 1340 at www.1340wraw.com
*Be sure to check all details on each individual business before purchasing. Some have different offers!